Where to Eat: Turin 2019

fresh tomatoes for sale at turin market

We often travel to destinations for their food and we are often asked by our guests at Chalet Cannelle for recommendations on places to eat.

Our Where to Eat series includes our top picks of road side stalls to Michelin star spots of luxury and everything in between.

Where is Turin?

Turin is the capital city of Piedmont and the home of the largest food market in Europe. Most think it is an industrial city with a car factory not worthy of attention but for us, it is the Forgotten Italian City. It is a culture and foodie heaven, packed with things to do and things to taste. We visit every year to stock up for winter meals at Chalet Cannelle.

Turin Restaurants

Scannebue – We have eaten here 3 or 4 times over the years and never had a disappointing meal. Our last visit, they had an English menu so that makes things a little easier although I hope it doesn’t make it tricky to get a reservation! The specialities here are the jarred rabbit starter and the Agnolotti del Plin with hare, pork and veal. It is amazing. I also love that all their wines by the glass are exceptional – in general we prefer to have a few different glasses of wine rather than a bottle but too often restaurants don’t offer good wine by the glass. And definitely leave a tip at the counter!

Oh Crispa – The restaurant offerings in Turin are surprisingly multi-cultural for the location of this city and quite likely this is due to it being a university city. We stumbled on Oh Crispa in it’s first few months and we could see the owner questioning his reasoning of opening a shanghai dumpling restaurant in the land of pasta. Now, the place is rammed at lunchtime and their noodle soups and Bao buns fight for our hungry bellies.

Mercato Centrale Torino – Wow. New in April 2019 this is an amazing addition to the Porta Palazzo Markets where you can now eat the incredible Italian produce by talented chefs on the doorstep to the largest food market in Europe. The renovation of the old market building is beautiful and the upmarket food court is spacious with an excellent choices of places to try. More and more cities are realising that markets are enjoyed by visitors that probably can’t buy the produce and offering a way to enjoy the food you see is a great attraction. The best we have visited in Europe is this one and Madrid.

Bar Caffetteria Dopo Caffè – Have to mention this tiny cafe on a pedestrian street over the river from the city. It’s worth the detour for your caffeine hit


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