Where to Eat: Paris 2018

pistachio escargot in paris

We often travel to destinations for their food and we are often asked by our guests at Chalet Cannelle for recommendations on places to eat.

Our Where to Eat series includes our top picks of road side stalls to Michelin star spots of luxury and everything in between.

Where is Paris?

Paris is the capital of France, revered for its art, history, fashion & gastronomic delights. French Cuisine was given Unesco humanity heritage status in 2010 and there is no place better to see the taste the diverse culture of French food than in its capital.

Paris Restaurants

Frenchie – we managed to get a last minute lunch booking at Frenchie, a well known neo-bistro owned by Greg Marchand, or ‘Frenchie’ as Jamie Oliver named him during his time at Fifteen in London. 3 course lunch, 2 choices for each course for 45€ a head. We tried everything on the menu and it was all absolutely delicious. Even with the million restaurants to try in Paris, we’d return here.

Yamtcha – Our trip to Paris was very last minute so we didn’t get a reservation here but we did have dumplings in the little Maison de Thé opposite run by Chi Wah, the husband of head chef Adeline Grattard. This is a must stop for lunch and I bet you can’t stop yourself ordering a second plate.

La Condesa – We had so many restaurants to choose from for this trip it became a bit of a fuddle to decide. The high end starred contenders were booked (Septime, Yamtcha amongst others) and we stumbled on this one. I think one of the reasons we choose it was because it actually had a website with an example menu, something that is surprisingly against the trend of Paris restaurant websites telling you as little as possible about their offering. We had a truly amazing meal here. It’s a tiny place, with a tinier kitchen with amazing staff all pulling together to give you a great experience. The food is interesting modern French cuisine with obvious nods to the chef’s experiences in Japan and Mexico. We left telling the chef, you’ll have a star next year * update January 2019 – they got their star!! *

Du Pain et des Idées – I had saved a picture of the Pistachio Escargot long before this trip to Paris so I had to go and find it. This bakery is just amazing and worth the queue. Just buy more than you think you want as you will want more.

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