Where to Eat: Arles 2019

The amphitheatre in Arles at night

We often travel to destinations for their food and we are often asked by our guests at Chalet Cannelle for recommendations on places to eat.

Our Where to Eat series includes our top picks of road side stalls to Michelin star spots of luxury and everything in between.

Where is Arles?

Arles (don’t pronounce the ‘s’) is in the heart of Provence on the Rhone River. It has an inspiring history – a Roman provincial town with a Roman Arena and Amphitheatre in great condition and still in use (the former unfortunately for bullfighting…) and the home of Vincent Van Gogh during a pivotal point of his life and the setting of his pieces the Cafe Terrace and Starry Night over the Rhone…amongst about 300 others

Places to Eat In Arles

Gaudina – An exceptional bistro not to be missed (at time of writing, website and photos were terrible so just ignore those). Looks like a classic bistro, short menu – incredible food. There were some subtle hints on this ‘classic’ food that this was no ordinary bistro chef, and we learnt from our host the next morning that the chef was the sous chef at the 3 Michelin starred Regis & Jacques Macron. That explained it! Wouldn’t be surprised if this place got it’s first star in 2020

Arles Pizza – This was one of those evenings where we couldn’t really decide where to go for dinner then saw a pizza on a plate as we were walking by and that was the decision made. Wood fired pizzas, changed out of 20€ for 2. Pizzeria 22 just up the street seems to be raved about but for us, the dough at Arles pizza was that delectable chewy wood fired flavour with attention to the tomato sauce, Napoli style


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