Who we are

Welcome to The Alpine Kitchen, our small but perfectly formed kitchen in Chalet Cannelle, Chatel.

If you have been to Chalet Cannelle, you know this already. If not, the large selection of cookbooks and magazines in the chalet usually gives it away.  Likewise the cold smoker on the terrace, the wood fired oven and the Japanese ceramic grill outside the front door, all hint at the devotion that goes in to preparing the food we serve.

We love everything about food.  Growing it, rearing it, picking it, sourcing it, preparing it, eating it.  In fact we obsess about it in many regards, continually tinkering and adapting recipes to ensure the plates that leave the kitchen represent the best possible version of a dish, be it a simple omelette made with eggs from our spoilt chickens and home smoked ham; ice-cream that uses the best local milk, eggs from our pasture reared hens and vanilla sourced directly from a small producer in Madagascar, to a slow-cooked chilli with 5 different chillies and a start to finish cook time of 28 hours.

We created The Alpine Kitchen as a foodie source for our friends and guests who often ask how we have made something, what we are currently experimenting with or for the recipe of a dish they particularly enjoyed.

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