Chalet Cannelle’s Free Range Chickens

Free range eggs from the pastured reared hens for The Alpine Kitchen at Chalet Cannelle

If you have stayed at Chalet Cannelle you have probably eaten the eggs from our free range chickens and seen that they are completely spoilt.  They sit on the doorstep waiting for treats and nibbles from the kitchen and regularly follow our guests to their cars in the hope of something to peck at.  I have always wanted my own chooks and I never realised they would be such a talking point or have such personalities.

Owning your own flock can seem a bit daunting even to those used to having pets. It feels more farm like than domestic pet but really it is pretty much the same.  The work to reward ratio is definitely worth having your own chickens and even with a small garden, most households can easily own 3-6 hens to supply their eggs.

It’s pretty easy to go to the shop and buy some eggs, so why would you have your own chickens?

Easy – flavour

Unfortunately, most supermarket free range and organic eggs are still from hens in unsatisfactory conditions.  Our chickens are pastured reared. You watch them for a day and you will see that they will eat green stuff all day long.  I can see a direct link between the flavour of the eggs to how much green stuff they eat, for example when we have snow on the ground and there isn’t much for them to pick at, their eggs change colour and flavour.  We top them up with spinach in the winter and they will easily demolish a giant bag of spinach in no time at all.  Most mass produced eggs are from chickens fed entirely on grain, not only compromising on flavour but also the nutritional value of the egg that we eventually eat.

The end result of any recipe is not only down to the chef’s abilities. We use eggs for so many things…pasta, pastry, cakes, ice cream…and one of the reasons they taste so good is because of the eggs of our lovely little flock ♥

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